Pricing and other IMPORTANT information.

Fun/Fitness Swim - £19
Fun/Fitness Swim (2 dogs) - £29
Rehabilitation Swim - £27
Rehabilitation Swim - £35

Vet consent

In order for us to swim your dog/cat we will need to have consent from your vet. With your permission we can contact your vet on your behalf and request the consent alternatively you can either download the consent form from our website or call in to see us and pick one up.

Session time

The first fun swim session will be charged as a Rehabilitation swim so we can assess the dogs ability in the water.
Click, Download and print a vet consent here ...
A session will last for 30 minutes which includes time to put on a harness/buoyancy aid and allow time for a shower at the end of the session. The time your dog will actually be swimming depends on their condition, age and ability.  
The first session for a Fun/Fitness swim will be classed and charged as a Rehab Swim with a qualified hydrotherapist in the pool to enable us to assess your pets swimming ability.