Rehabilitation Swim

At Orchard Court Hydrotherapy we can offer Rehabilitation swims for dogs that are suffering from a variety of medical conditions, pre and post surgery, old age or obesity to help them strengthen their muscles and exercise pain free. During the Rehabilitation Swim your dog will be supported and guided in the pool by one of our trained and qualified hydrotherapists to ensure their safety and recovery in the water. 

How does this help?

Because the water is heated to a temperature of 28-30 degrees this ensures that the blood supply to the joints is increased which aids in easing stiff, painful joints and reduces inflammation. The water also plays a great part in the rehab of your dog by creating resistance and giving non weight bearing exercise for them. Swimming can also improve a dogs mental well being. If they are suffering from a medical condition or injury which restricts their exercise on land, this can have a huge impact on their mental state leading to lethargy and depression. By having this alternative method of exercise you can help your dog improve their mental wellbeing.

Some Common conditions that can benefit from hydrotherapy:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

  • Arthritis

  • Cruciate Ligament

  • Luxating Patellas

  • Spinal injuries and Disease

  • Spondylosis

  • Chronic Degenerative Rediculomyelopothy (CDRM)

  • Obesity

Fun/Fitness swim

Here at Orchard Court we offer 30 minute fun/fitness sessions for dogs who are looking for a bit of fun or to build up their fitness. In this session you may bring up to 2 dogs to swim together and you can also borrow one of our wetsuits and join your dog/s in the pool or play with them outside the pool area. 

What does this involve?

We have a heated pool for you and/or your dog to feel comfortable in while enjoying your session. Before every swim we will fit a buoyancy jacket or a harness onto your dog for their safety. The buoyancy jacket will aid your dog in staying afloat and steady in the water and the harness is there for more experienced dogs, both of these jackets have a handle so if any thing were to happen we can safely remove your dog from the pool. As mentioned before we have a variety of wet suits in different sizes that you can borrow if you go into the pool with your dog/s this Is to protect you from any scratches and to keep you warm. After each session we will give your dog a lovely warm shower. Also if you wish you are welcome to bring along a dog shampoo. Please let us know prior to the swim if you would like to do that. We also have a shower for any owner who has been in the pool with their dog.


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